The Doc and the Professional Help

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  • Spotify

    29.7.2011 16:52
    The First Cut-album by 'The Doc' can now be listened also via Spotify. Be my guest!

  • Piknik Areena

    29.7.2011 16:49
    New experience and a big stage for the Doc, but what a treat. Beautiful midsummer evening and supporting one of the greatest groups in Scandinavia, Bo Kaspers Orkester. Check out the videos at media-page. The first one published is called "Samaan Virtaan".

  • Bo Kaspers

    16.5.2011 17:28
    The Doc will be warming up the great Bo Kaspers (SWE) at Piknik Arena (Oulu) 17th of July. Come and experience the Finnish midnight summer evening in excellent atmosphere served with great music! Last time Bo Kaspers was here, the tickets were sold out. So get your tickets in advance!

  • Robert McCammon-homepage

    25.1.2010 17:30
    "Boy's Life"-biisi on tehty kyseisen Best Seller-kirjailijan runoa myötäillen. Mr. McCammon innostui biisistä siinä määrin, että lisäsi Youtube-linkkimme etusivulleen ;)

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    21.11.2009 11:14
    Perustimme bändille ryhmän Facebookiin. Tervetuloa liittymään ryhmään!